Magnetic Toy Accessory Kit

Magnetic Toy Accessory Kit

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Once you have one of our sets of Creative Magnetic Toys, this accessory kit will add even more possibilities of what your kids can create!

Accessory Kit includes:

  • 2 sets of wheels with a magnetic base to create vehicles
  • Ferris wheel frame
  • 6 additional magnetic squares
  • 4 long magnetic triangles

The Ferris Wheel can be created with the 32 piece set that is sold separately along with this accessory kit. The long triangles can be used for many things, but are especially good for building vehicles with the wheel sets included in this accessory kit.

IMPORTANT: The Accessory Kit sold here is not meant to be used alone, but as an accessory to the 32 piece set.

Compatible with other magnetic toys. Colors of pieces will vary.