Virtual Reality Box

Virtual Reality Box

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Looking for a unique gift that almost all ages can enjoy? Welcome to the world of Virtual Reality! The VR Box allows you to turn your smart phone into a 3D theater, a 360 degree panoramic video, or a 3D-VR game! Jump from airplanes! Explore the moon! Visit famous landmarks! There are endless places to go and experiences to have with VR! Compatible with most smart phones 4.5” - 6”.


  • 3D Movies: Viewing movies with the VR Box will allow you to have a theater-like experience. Movies must be downloaded in 3D. 
  • Apps and games: There are a growing number of VR apps being created every day. These apps are not all compatible with every type of phone, so you will have to find the ones that are specific to the phone you are using. For example, if you have an iPhone, when searching in the App store, search specifically for “VR apps for iPhone”. One app that is good for most any phone is Dive City Roller Coaster. It is free and will give you a good introductory experience into VR apps.

*Detailed setup instructions will be included.

*We are not affiliated with any VR apps, games, or movies.

Please note that this box does not have buttons on the side